Nutritional wellness

Nutritional wellness

By harnessing the power of natural plant-based nutrients, we give you the tools to enhance your daily routine and awaken the next level version of yourself.

When we feel good, great things happen all around us.

Our Ingredients

You’re in the driver’s seat for your health and it is our responsibility as a wellness brand to give you the right keys.


Shine bright with this youth preserving mushroom. An impressive ability to retain moisture and antioxidant rich properties means that you can expect deeply hydrated skin, boosted complexion and nourished organs.


Stress less, sleep better with this immunity boosting mushroom. Reishi works to calm the central nervous system and regulate your sleep cycle so you wake up feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


Energise and endure with this life-enhancing, stress reducing mushroom. For active individuals looking for a balanced energy boost and strengthened immune system. Get ready to fortify the body and mind.

Lion’s Mane

The go-to pick-me-up mushroom for those early mornings and brain foggy afternoons. We can’t guarantee it’ll give you superpowers, but it will enhance your brain’s cognitive powers—mood, memory, focus and creativity. Which is close enough to superpowers, right?

Coffee that works for you. Find your perfect match.

Environmental Impact

Sustainable coffee. Happy planet.
Giving back with trees.
Ethical sourcing.
  • Composting

    Our coffee capsules are 100% biodegradable. Made from sugarcane and sugar beet, they can disintegrate within 10 weeks of industrial composting.

    That’s right! Pop these capsules into your community compost bin and allow nature to do its own work.

  • Give life to your plants

    Did you know? Coffee is a fantastic pesticide and fertiliser for plants that like acidic soil. Simply add used coffee grounds on the surface of the soil and water through.

  • Recollection service

    Coming soon! We are working hard to provide a capsule recollection service at our stockists. Want to be the first to know when that happens? Sign up to our mailing list!

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