Meet our founders

Meet our founders

Navigating our way through life’s challenges is something we all can relate to. But when Herman encountered a health scare in 2018, everything became clear to us. There is nothing more important than our health and well-being.

Often, we made to think that living a healthy life means having to go out of our way to make a huge effort. But sometimes the best way is to just start small.

We saw an opportunity to create meaningful change that can benefit everyone –– by finding easy, simple ways to incorporate natural super ingredients into our everyday routines.

After spending months collaborating with nutritionists to formulate stress reducing, resilience boosting and fatigue fighting coffee, Beams was created.

Today, we stand proud with our adaptogenic products that are some of the first in the market in Australasia.

Curious? Why not give us a shot (pun fully intended)!


What matters to us

We are dedicated to bringing health, wellness and sustainability into every cup of coffee.

Plant based

Natural remedies for natural problems. Improved health can be as simple as leveraging what mother nature has provided to us in the form of functional and medicinal mushrooms and superfoods.


Leaving the world better than we’ve found it is at the heart of what we do. With processes and materials that are good for the environment so you can sip your daily cup of coffee guilt-free.

Wellness & health

A fulfilling life starts with every individual taking care of their health and wellness. Leading to less stress and more happiness on Earth.


We are on a mission to bring you the best cup of coffee that has mushroom inside it. And we believe so much in our product that we are certain you will be 100% happy.

Lab tested quality and safety

We make sure all our products are safe and has efficacy by getting 3rd party lab tests done on all our ingredients and finished products.

Harness the power of mushrooms

Our use of medicinal mushrooms in our family stretches back to our grandfather. We are continuing his legacy in using these herbs to power the next generation of creators and change-makers.

We Believe in a Beams collective

We Believe in a Beams collective

We are on a mission to bring holistic health and help the environment at the same time

Taking every step purposefully in going back to our roots, but making them even better and relevant for humans today. And to press reset on the impact we’re making on our earth.

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