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Tremella is often referred to as the Beauty mushroom. It contains polysaccharides which stimulate enzymes that support the effects of anti-ageing and improve overall skin health. Tremella is also high in vitamin D which is not only beneficial for the skin, it is an essential requirement for healthy teeth and bones. Think of it as natures Vitamin D powerhouse.

(10 pods per box)

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For the Graceful

They mistakenly say its luck, when it is in fact the presence of grace. It’s not just my words, posture, glance and everything that I am. It is a gift that keeps on giving, and the more I acknowledge it the more it appears.

A deep dive into our pods

The Beans

Crafted using Beans from Jalapa, Guatemala, Opalaca, Honduras, Mogiana and Brazil this one of a kind coffee brings together some incredible flavours to make a silky, sweet and aromatic brew. Roasted by the best in Surry Hills, Sydney.

The Packaging

Biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules that are EN13432 certified and a cellulose oxygen barrier lid. Nitrogen flushed and hermetically sealed for freshness.

The Extracts

Tremella fuciformis 10:1 Extract.


Best Served

Flush your machine with hot water by running once with no capsule in the machine. Meanwhile warm up your coffee cup by rinsing with hot water. Pop the capsule in your machine and brew your coffee. To fully unwrap and experience the wonderful flavours this blend has to offer drink it black, or for the more adventurous, add a splash of coconut water.

The Coffee Roast

We would be missing out had we not come to Sydney’s home of specialty coffee to find our roaster in Surry Hills. This suburb on the outskirts of the city is lined with beautiful, mature trees, swanky galleries, and bars and cafes that are alive with the charm of this eclectic community. The distinctive characteristics of this blend ring true to its origin.

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