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Ever felt like you need an extra burst of energy in the morning? Beta glucans found in Cordyceps Sinensis promote oxygen levels which increase our energy carrying molecules known as ATP. This helps maintain high energy levels keeping us at optimum performance. The Adaptogens found in Cordyceps Sinensis also support the bodies ability to cope with physical and mental stress by reducing fatigue. What a great way to start the day!

(10 pods per box)

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For the Achiever

I now command my fearless and unguarded heart to lead me with unwavering faith. With good energy and good vibes, I am loose and ready to bring out the best in me. Now my desires, wants and goals are instantaneously granted to me because I am in harmony with the one, and the one is within me.

A deep dive into our pods

The Beans

For this high-octane product we have sourced beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and Sumatra. Roasted by the very best in Manly, Sydney.

The Packaging

Biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules that are EN13432 certified and a cellulose oxygen barrier lid. Nitrogen flushed and hermetically sealed for freshness.

The Extracts

Cordyceps Sinensis 10:1 Extract.


Best Served

Flush your machine with hot water by running once with no capsule in the machine. Meanwhile warm up your coffee cup by rinsing with hot water. Pop the capsule in your machine and brew your coffee. Channel your inner coffee aficionado and try it with a dash of oat milk. There will never be another coffee for you.

The Coffee Roast

Roasted not far from the pristine beaches of Manly in Sydney this smooth, aromatic blend captures the essence of the beachside paradise from where it hails. Manly has forever been home to laid back surfers, always bustling with tourists and locals and is quintessentially Australian. This delicious coffee hints at the first days of Spring on the Australian shores with warm and toasty undertones that fill the air with a sweet and floral aroma.

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