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The adaptogens in the Reishi extract act as a stress soother. They support the body’s natural ability to tackle fatigue and reduce anxiety. Reishi is abundant with nutritional components that stimulate the immune system. Their incredible ability to act as a defence mechanism provide a barrier to pathogens, viruses and bacteria.

(10 pods per box)

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For the Balancer

I am the fire that shines the way, but I am also the water that ebbs and flows. With every breath I am like the fair wind, with roots that stretch deep into the Earth. I am the creator of my circumstances, and I get to choose how I feel today.

A deep dive into our pods

The Beans

To achieve a coffee that would deliver a flavour to suit any palate we have sourced beans from Brazil, Colombia and India. If Melbourne had a coffee personality this would be it – trendy, slick, modern and bold. Roasted by the best in Richmond, Melbourne.

The Packaging

Biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules that are EN13432 certified and a cellulose oxygen barrier lid. Nitrogen flushed and hermetically sealed for freshness.

The Extracts

Ganoderma lucidum 10:1 Extract (Reishi).


Best Served

Flush your machine with hot water by running once with no capsule in the machine. Meanwhile warm up your coffee cup by rinsing with hot water. Pop the capsule in your machine and brew your coffee. We crafted a coffee with unmistakable flair to bring you the perfect espresso at home. For the hipster in all of us try it with a dash of Almond Milk.

The Coffee Roast

Roasted in the city synonymous with coffee culture, this down to earth, trendy brew, is the ultimate coffee companion to your early morning commute. We discovered this roaster in a suburb just on the doorstep of Melbourne city. Richmond is home to people from all over the world which gives this area such a wonderful infusion of culture. From foodies to fashionistas and nomads to neighbours, Richmond is a place that takes great pride in its working class roots.

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