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Premium Turkey Tail Extract

For gut health and immunity

Trametes Versicolor
Immunity. Anti-Inflammatory. Gut Health.

350mg/ml active ingredient (medicinal mushroom)

Liquid dual extraction of 100% medicinal mushroom fruit body with no fillers or flavours to maximise potency and bioavailability. No taste, no grit and easily taken in a liquid form, can be mixed into any drink or food daily.
Recommended 1ml per day, each bottle is a 50-day supply (a little over 7 weeks).

What’s inside

1 x 50mL Medicinal Mushroom Dual Extract

HKD$ 280.00

15 in stock (can be backordered)


Additional information


Immunity boosting, Skin and hair health, Stamina

Look after the your inner gut health and feel renewed with the potent Turkey Tail.

Meet our Mushroom Farmer

Meet Madi from Samford Valley Mushrooms
Samford Valley Mushrooms is a family owned business, working hard at producing sensational gourmet & medicinal produce that makes the most of the exquisite natural environment of the Samford Valley in South East Queensland.

Sustainable & Zero Waste
There is a heavy focus on Reducing their environmental footprint, Reusing and Recycling closer to zero waste. The farm has a regenerative farming ethic – producing wonderful food and leaving the environment in better shape than they began.

These extracts contain three simple ingredients; medicinal mushroom which are all native Australian strains are grown and harvested, filtered rainwater which is also collected on site and lastly some special batch Vodka produced by Mount Glorious Distillery – the extraction processes are completed in small batches by hand, ensuring quality and consistency each time, this process can take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Samford Mushrooms



Are the mushrooms organically grown?

Yes! Whilst we aren’t certified organic (yet! we’re in the process) we use a complete bio-dynamic, ethical and chemical free stance on all aspects of our business.

Do the medicinal extracts contain alcohol?

We use both alcohol and water based methods to extract all the beneficial compounds we can for you. Some compounds are not able to be extracted by water based methods alone so we utilise food grade alcohol in our process.

As a result there is a residual amount of alcohol in the extracts we produce (typically 25%).

Since your mushrooms grow in coffee grounds, do they taste like coffee?

Believe it or not we get asked this question lots! No, they don’t taste like coffee 🙂 The coffee just provides a nutrient dense source of food for the mushrooms to consume and grow.

What are the differences between using mycelium and the fruiting body for medicinal extracts?

There is a lot of ongoing research into all areas of the health benefits of mushroom extracts – some of which is looking into the differences between mycelium and the mushroom (fruiting body).

While we acknowledge there may be some different compounds within the mycelium (white fibre-like cells that act in a similar way to the roots of a tree in the very early development stages of the fungi); we are convinced that these pale into insignificance compared to the fully developed mushroom fruit body.

We offer both varieties of products to cater for all customers. Please conduct your own research on which products would be best suited to you and always consult your physician.

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